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About Beady Bride

Beady Bride is a tiny home run business that specialises in hand made hair accessories for weddings & special occasions.
The hair accessories by Beady Bride are custom made, carefully designed and meticulously assembled to create beautiful head pieces for weddings and special occasions. All accessories are designed and created by hand with attention to detail being our priority. They are designed to suit your vision for your day.

Beady Bride`s head pieces and accessories are not only intricate and delicate, but also bold and vibrant with colour. They are not only for weddings but are also designed with the idea that you can wear them on any other special occasions. In addition to all that, Beady Bride also offers an exceptional hair styling service to suit your custom made hair accessory. Beady Bride`s hair stylist will come to you on the day to make sure your accessory is well placed within your hair.

Beady Bride is based in Cheltenham and covers most areas in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire-UK. If you are outside of these areas, we can deliver your hair accessory for you but we may not be able to secure a hair styling appointment with Sheena our special hair stylist. She is a busy lady so please do enquire in advance to avoid disappointments.

Hair and accessory by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk-Image below by James Fear

Meet Sheena the designer at Beady Bride

Sheena is the sole designer of Beady Bride`s hair accessory collections. She is also the main hair stylist to make sure we deliver your perfect hair accessory. Sheena has extensive hair styling experience and will make sure that your hairstyling and hair accessory needs are met with precision. You can view more examples of Sheena`s work on her hair styling website www.sheenasweddinghairstyles.co.uk

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Due to her extensive experience in bridal hair styling, Sheena understands very well the relationship between hair and accessories. Understanding your needs is the most important aspect of her work. As she is the main designer of the hair accessories here on Beady Bride, be rest assured that you will receive the best service.
For any questions on hair and accessories here at Beady Bride, please contact Sheena

Hair and accessory by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk-Image below by Brad Wakefield