Custom made - special order hair accessories

Custom made / special order accessories

Custom made/special orders accessories are ones that are made in specific colours, sizes or shapes based on the client`s request.

How much is a custom made / special order accessory?

An exact quote for such an order will be given at the consultation or once I know the full details of your request. It is important to let us know as much detail as possible for a correct quote.

How do i confirm a special order?

To proceed and confirm any hair accessory orders, a deposit of 50% of the total quote for large orders/full payment for small orders is required. After the deposit, Beady Bride will then proceed to start designing your accessory.

Can i change my mind about my accessory order and how will that affect the price i pay for it?

Yes you make changes to the item ordered by requesting different sizes or different materials needed to make the changes. Changes to any order must be made in writing, in person, by email or by phone call before the completion of the item.

The price quoted for your ordered item will remain the same until the hair accessory is completed unless you make substantial changes to the item ordered by requesting different sizes or different materials. The price would change accordingly.

When will my accessory be ready?

Orders may sometimes take 1- 2 months to be completed depending on size and intricacy. If you wish to have a quick delivery please enquire by email first and Beady Bride will let you know if your request can be done within your time schedule.

Can i cancel my hair accessory order ?

Yes you can cancel your order at any time. To avoid loosing your deposit, it is advisable to do so before Beady Bride purchases the materials to be used in your hair accessory.

For more information please send us a message.

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Hair and Accessories by Beady Bride - Image below by Will Patrick