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  1. Nisha`s bespoke bridal and occasion floral hair pins in nude champagne and ivory colours

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    Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (1)Professional Images  by Stephanie Butt Photography

    These pretty floral hair pins were made especially for my bride Nisha who wanted something subtle just to compliment her hair style ideas for the day. We picked the colours to pick up her bridal dress colour which was highly detailed so they had to be simple. She also ordered some for her bridesmaids so that they could have something to tie in with her dress colour.

    They were very tiny but perfect and highly effective in their hair styles and perfect for what she wanted.
    Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (6)

    Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (4)

    These images below are from my phone camera.

    Bespoke bridal and occasion hair pins-champagne-nude-pink-Nisha-5

    Bespoke bridal hair pins-Nude Champagne-Nisha-5

    Please get in touch if you would like something along these lines for your day.

  2. Wedding hair styling with hair accessories for Karen`s wedding in Tetbury-Cotswolds

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    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN
    Karen`s wedding was at the Matara centre in Tetbury. Karen found me on google and after reading my website decided we would get along okay. Following our emailing each other Karen not only asked me to be her hair stylist for the day but also, at the trial, she asked me to design some hair accessories for her and her bridesmaids. I was excited. I couldn’t wait for the day to come. I made these very simple bridal hair pins for the bride and I have to say that they beautifully complimented the bride`s hair style.
    Lorraine-wedding-hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-UK (4)
    I cracked on designed three options for her bridesmaids and she chose these above.
    They were large bridesmaids` hair pin accessories made to pick up the colour of the bridesmaids` dresses. I am very happy to share with you these wonderful professional images below showing both the hair and accessory results. The images below are by Karen`s wedding photographer Linus who out of kindness has allowed me to use them. I hope you like them.
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-3
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-5
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-7
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-6
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-2.1
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-8
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-9

  3. Small and cute sparkling bridal hair pins

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    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (11)
    I recommend these pretty and cute little hair pin accessories as an addition to any bridal or wedding hair style that is delicate and requiring not much added to it. They are very small but will be enough for simplicity.They are made with the tiniest fresh water pearls and clear sparkling crystals. Perfect for bridesmaids.Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (3)

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (2)
    Professional image above of the bride by Tom Durn Photography