Custom made occasion and wedding hair comb accessories

Custom made occasion hair comb accessories

Are you looking for something colourful to match your outfit? Or do you just want to add colour to your day with a bright hair accessory? We can design one especially for you. 

On this page are some examples of hair comb accessories designed for preious clients. You could use the designs for inspiration. It is easy to customise any of our hair accessories to suit your style. The accessories come in a variety of designs and shape and colours all customised.

The accessories in this collection are relatively small, simpler but highly decorative in most hair styles. Each one is attached to a metal comb or it can be finished off with extra loops at the back to allow for more  flexibility in pinning within any hair styles. The ones with loops (not attached to a metal comb) can also be pinned to your plain hat for a more decorative look.

  • Bespoke-occasion & wedding-hair-accessories- UK-JNI 32
  • Occasion-wedding-hair-comb-accessory handmade-in-UK-Arconite (3)
  • Occasion-wedding-hair-comb-accessory handmade-in-UK-Arconite
  • Bespoke-gold- and brown autumnal occasion-wedding-hair comb accessories-UK-
  • Brown and golden yellow autumnal occasion hair comb accessory-UK-Melinda (1
  • Bespoke-blue- occasion-wedding-hair comb accessories-UK-Leya (4)
  • Occasion-wedding-hair-comb-accessory handmade-in-UK-Katrina (4)
  • Bespoke-purple-gold- occasion-wedding-hair comb accessories-UK-Angelica (3)
  • Custom made-handmade- occasion-wedding-hair comb accessories-UK-JNYHZ (2)
  • Yellow flower autumnal-summer occasion hair comb accessory-UK-Maisie (3)
  • Occasion-wedding-hair-comb-accessory handmade-in-UK-Katy (2)
  • Aurora green-occasion-wedding floral hair comb accessory-handmade by Beady