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Hair styling price information as of 20th august 2019

In addition to making pretty hair accessories, I am a specialist in bridal and wedding day hair styling. You can visit my hair styling website www.sheenasweddinghairstylles.co.uk to view more images of my work.

For appointment bookings including the bride:
The minimum booking is bride + 3 bridemaids or bride + 2 adults and a bridal hair accessory or 2 brides.

Hair trials:
Bridesmaid £55. Mum/Guest £55. Bride £100
Hair styling on the day:
Bride £150
x 3 bridesmaids £171

Travel is £0.50 per mile travelled.

Additional people to above quotes: 
Bridesmaid £55
Other adults £65.
2nd bride`s trial £85
2nd bride on the day £120

For appointment bookings excluding the bride:
5 bridesmaids @ £300.
5 other adults @ £325.
Travel is £0.50per mile travelled.

Additional people:
Bridesmaid £55
Other adult £60
Hair trials £55 per person

To confirm a hair appointment booking:

Deposit to make a booking is £150.
Trial amounts are payable in cash only on the trial date.
Balance is payable 2 weeks nefore the wedding date.

Additional bespoke hair accessories services:
Hair accessory consultation £55. 
Delicate bridal hair vine £75
Bridal hair accessory £95
Colourful /floral occasion head piece £100-£350 
If you proceed to confirm a hair accessory appointment, 50% of the consultation fee is deducted from the final balance payable.

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