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Hair and accessories by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk
The hair accessories here on Beady Bride are mostly personalised and they are all hand made. The head pieces are rich in colour and the bridal ones are delicate and intricate. I cater for weddings as well as other special occasions. If you will need an accessory or a headpice for another special occasion other than a wedding please dont hesistate to get in touch. Please visit the shop gallery to see some examples of what was designed for some of my previous brides. For prices please scroll below.

Hair styling price information as of 20th august 2019

In addition to making pretty hair accessories, I am a specialist in bridal and wedding day hair styling. You can visit my hair styling website www.sheenasweddinghairstyles.co.uk to view more images of my work.

For appointment bookings including the bride:
For the wedding day, the minimum booking is bride + 2 bridesmaids or 2 brides.

Hair trials sessions before the day:
Bridesmaid £55.
Mum/Guest £55.
1st bride £100
2nd bride £85

Hair styling on the day:
2 brides £240
Bride +1 bridesmaid £230
Bride + 3 bridesmaids £295
Bride + 5 bridesmaids £375
Bride + 7 bridesmaids £465
Bride +2 adults +1 bridal hair accessory £325
2 brides + 2 bridal hair accessories £365

Additional people to the above quotes:
Bridesmaid £55
Mum £60
Guest £65
Flower girl up to 8 years old £25
For larger group bookings, needing hair accessories a discount will be given. Please enquire for a package quote.

For appointment bookings excluding the bride:
Minimum booking is 5 bridesmaids or 5 other adults 
5 bridesmaids @ £300.
5 other adults @ £325.
Additional people to the above quotes:
Bridesmaid £55
Mum £60
Guest £65
Trials £55 per person
Flower girl up to 8 years old £25

Travel Costs for any appointments:
Free if the appointment is within 15 minutes drive from cheltenham.
It is chargeable at £0.50 per mile travelled if appointment is further than 15 minutes drive.
Maximum travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
For longer than 1hour, a mimum of bride + 5 others or 8 people is required.
Please enquire as a further discussion on this is necessary.

To confirm a hair appointment booking:

Deposit to make and confirm a booking is £150. This will be deducted from your final balance.
Trial amounts are payable in cash only on the trial date.
Balance is payable 2 weeks before the wedding date.

Bespoke hair accessories services:
This is service for those who would like me to make an accessory for them to suit their occasion/wedding day. Please see more information on this HERE

Hair accessory consultation £55. 
Bridal hair comb accessory £55
Delicate bridal hair vine £75
Bridal head piece accessory £95
Colourful /floral occasion head piece £100-£350 
Bridesmaids hair accessories £2.50 - £75. Please enquire for an exact quote.

If you proceed to confirm a hair accessory appointment, only 50% of the consultation fee is chargeable.
If you are the bride and have already booked in hair styling appointment with me, the hair accessory consultation is free.

Read the terms and conditions for hair accessories
Read the terms and conditions for hair styling services
Read about returns and refunds for hair accessories
Read about your hair accessory orders

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