Florals - Bespoke Accessories

The accessories and heapieces in this signature collection are one of a kind. They are meticulously made by hand and painstakingly turned into something of simple beauty and quality. Some of them are intricately hand woven to mimic the shapes of natural flower arrangements while other are bold and simply a treat for any special occasion.

Some in this range are especially great for those with very fine hair as they very light in weight and you can be assured they wont slide out of the hair. Some are simple and others are highly detailed. All in all, they are an excellent final touch to any occasion hair style.

We provide a bespoke service which exclusively allows you to customise the colours to suit your pallet or your special day. If you like something in this collection that is already sold please do get in touch and we will see if we can make a similar item/customised item for you.

Gold leaf and blue wedding hair accessory-UK-Aconite-1

All our headpieces, accessories and jewellery are handmade so they are made on order. Please note that some of product images are magnified to make sure you can see the detail better.

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Please note that all hair accessories will be made on order and as the process of making these beautiful accessories takes time, its important for you to find out first if we are able to deliver your accessory in time before you make your order.

Please get in touch with us directly on email [email protected] or you can send us an enquir via our contact form page

We try and answer all querries within 12-48 hours for the time we receive your enquiry. Please do contact us by phone if we fail to respond within that