Pendants - Bespoke Accessories

Blue crystal and pearl occasion earrings-Angelina (2)
This collection is a free style one.  Generally speaking these pendants are designed and created in a much more free style than the rest of the other collections here.
Red and burgundy occasion pendant-scarlet (3)

They are made with soft jewellery wire and they are imperfectly made. It is these imperfections that make them have very unique shapes and and they are stricking to look at. We use bright, rich and bold colours for an eye catching effect.

 Jade-green-custom and handmade occasion jewellery-SWCYPDNT-GRN-4

If interested in this collection, please let us know your favourite colors and we will make something nice for you.
The price for these is on quote but we can also mould and design something within your budget.
Red and burgundy-occasion pendant-Viola (1)

These are just some examples that have been designed for other clients. If anything catches your eye please dont heistate to get in touch for further details.

For those looking for simpler style pendants, below is an example of how simplicity can look just as amazing as the colourful ones.
Fresh water pearl pendant-Bridal-wedding.1

All our headpieces, accessories and jewellery are handmade so they are made on order. Please note that some of product images are magnified to make sure you can see the detail better.

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All earrings and other jewellery will be made on order so please allow us some time to complete your order. If you will need a quick delivery please get in touch with us first to check on whether we can deliver your jewellery in time for your special occasion.

We will keep in touch with you to let you know the progress of your order.
For any questions please contact us on [email protected] Alternatively you can also fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We normally respond to all enquiries within 12-48 hrs from the time we recieve your enquiry. If you dont hear from us well after that time please dont hesitate to get in touch.