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  1. Rosea-delicate bridal hair accessory-NMY1
    Naomi, my beautiful bride got married a few days ago at the incredibly grand Elmore Court in Gloucestershire. It is always a great sight of the house passing through the gates leading to the house and it makes me feel like I am stepping into a film setting (I like dreaming). Anyway, back to reality, it was an early start but the morning was a very beautiful one with lots of sunshine and warm air. It was probably too warm for a November morning.

    Naomi`s day was blessed with good weather and the fact that my bride was relaxed made the day feel like I wasn’t at work! Time went by slowly and the hairstyling was very relaxing in a lot of ways. I even got time at the end to take this image here above something that does not happen very often. I hadn`t seen Emily for a while but today she was on make-up while I was on hair duties.

    I am very happy to mention that Naomi my bride wore one of my delicately handmade hair accessories. It looked so pretty in her hair. I can`t wait to see the professional images from James Fear whom I also hadn’t seen for a while and was on photographic duties. Keep your eyes peeled and I hope you like the hair accessory above.

  2. Bohemian-Bridal hair accessory by Beady Bride-UK (10)Four weddings all in a row this week! Manic! I have very tired legs and can`t wait to put my feet up tonight but I have to share this with you just before I do that. This Bohemian wedding hair accessory was one of the very first hair accessories that I designed ages ago. I must say it looked pretty in my bride`s hair today. My Bride today was Gemma and she got married at the Manor by the lake Cheltenham wedding venue Gloucestershire.
    Bohemian-Bridal hair accessory by Beady Bride-UK (1)
    Gemma looked stunning in her understated dress with her perfectly styled hair and of course the hair accessory! I have been excited for a long time about Gemma`s wedding and I  was very happy to see everything coming together perfectly. Gemma also booked in her bridesmaids below for hair styling.
    Bohemian-Bridal hair accessory by Beady Bride-UK (3)

  3. Martina-00-mother of pearl bridal hair vine-UK
    Here is one of the brides wearing Beady Bride`s delicate and beautiful pearl hair vine. Like the name itself, this bridal hair vine is made with only tiny and delicate fresh water pearls and mother of pearl flowers. It is very effective in any hair style 
    Pearl-cream-white-bridal-hair-vine by Beady Bride UK (3)

    I also recommend this as a full head piece for those wishing to have their hair down with loose waves. It is simple and will compliment most bridal dresses. The size of the pearls used can adjusted to suit your requirements.

  4. Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (11)
    I recommend these pretty and cute little hair pin accessories as an addition to any bridal or wedding hair style that is delicate and requiring not much added to it. They are very small but will be enough for simplicity.They are made with the tiniest fresh water pearls and clear sparkling crystals. Perfect for bridesmaids.Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (3)

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (2)
    Professional image above of the bride by Tom Durn Photography
  5. Rosea-Delicate- intricate bridal hair accessory-head piece by Beady Bride-U

    This is probably the most delicately made hair accessories that Beady bride has designed up to until now.
    It is incredibly light as a feather, very delicate to the touch because it so finely woven. When you see in for real you probably won’t want to touch it! It is really pretty and highly recommended for brides with very fine hair or brides wanting an intricate and delicate look with their hair accessory.Super light head piece and you won`t feel it in your hair. It is designed using tiny and delicate fresh water pearls, large fresh water pearls, sparkling clear crystals, golden flowers and tiny gold leaves.
    Image below by James Fear Photography