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The bridal hair accessory collections

The bridal hair accessories collections here at Beady Bride are designed in mainly rich creams and whites and champaigne colours with a subtle sparkle. Your bridal hair and accessory vision will be implemented with total control, precision and confidence which will leave you feeling beautiful and relaxed before you walk down the aisle.
The intricacy, size and the design of your bridal hair accessories will depend on your ideas and what you have in mind for your day. A thorough discussion will be carried out to make sure the result is perfect for your style and theme.
If you would like a colourful hair accessory for your wedding day that is non bridal please visit the link below

Bridal hair vine accessory from Beady Bride.Image by Benjamin Wetherall

Intricate hair vine accessory from Beady Bride. Image by Adam Drake

Pearl bridal hair pin accessory from Beady Bride.

Small hair pin accessories from Beady Bride.Image by Linus Moran

Image below by Benjamin Wetherall.


For further information

I would like to invite you to visit me for a thorough discussion of your ideas and vision. I encourage you to become part of my team to create for you an accessory that will meet your requirements both in the appearance of it as well as price. You don`t have to spend a fortune to achieve an excellent hair accessory for your special day. Send me a message for any questions and thanks for visiting. Sheena. 

Image below by Dan Morris

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