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The Signature floral head piece collections

Beady Bride` signature floral head pieces are the best of all the bespoke hair accessories made here. Intricate and bursting with colour,they are of very high quality and when you wear one, people will notice you! If you would love to have something extra special for your outfit and want something that is going to be long lasting to keep for the future special occasions and perhaps pass the accessory onto family and friends, this range is an amazing one and so is highly recommended for you. The attention to detail while creating these hair accessories is immense. Each crystal is intricately woven until the final head piece is complete and perfectly suited to your style. Designing these signature floral head pieces is a time consuming process but at the end, it is worth every minute spent on them. The Beady Bride`s signature floral head pieces will be worth your while and you are invited to come and have a look at one for your own satsifaction. You have to see one of these in reality to appreciate their beauty. They are flexible and surprisingly light.

Hair and Accessories by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk - Image by Will Patrick

Colour and design

When designing these beautiful colourful head pieces, most of the colours used are blended for an eye catching result. Where strong colour effects within a bridal accessory is required, a detailed discussion will be carried out to make sure the result is perfect for your colour theme. The intricacy, colour, size and design of your hair accessory whether it`s for you or your bridesmaids will completely depend on your needs or requirements. You will be guided to make the best decision. 


A consultation is vital. It is important that there is a complete understanding of your wishes to achieve an excellent head piece for you. Consultations are best done well in advance. All sizes required will be accommodated. This is a measure and design service suited to your requirements. Large number of rders is also accomodated but to be sure we can deliver your accessory in good time, please book your appointment with our designer Sheena in Advance.

Hair and accessories by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk - Image by James Fear

Hair and accessories by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk - Image below by James Fear

Hair and Accessories by Sheena at www.beadybride.co.uk - Image by Will Patrick