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  1. Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-44

    Helen had been browsing for a while on the internet looking for something unique for her wedding and after landing on our website, she saved one of our signature headpieces on her desk top……the rest is history.

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-154

    This is a custom made and handmade headpiece which is a master piece here at Beady Bride….and much loved by many who come across it. It is unique, intricate, bold, vibrant and certainly commands your attention….yes your attention. Helen`s dad couldn’t ignore it!  What more can we say! And it has taken us a long time to perfect. So yes, it does deserve the attention. Due to its versatility in style, colour, size and shape, it always looks unique to each individual client.

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-50

    The headpiece was made solely with Helen`s vision for the day in full focus and we are very happy to say that she was not disappointed. Helen`s note to us in return was “ …the headpiece was stunning and demonstrates your amazing talent!….I can’t thank you enough for the wonders you did with my hair and creating such a beautiful accessory - it was perfect! It also stayed precisely in place despite all our crazy dancing so thank you again! ☺️ A huge thanks to Helen and her photographer Tom Beynon for sharing their images so you can get to see the quality of one of our many signature headpieces ☺️

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-181

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-153

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-234

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-250

    Custom made-autumnal headpiece with gold leaf-Helen-441

  2. Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (1)Professional Images  by Stephanie Butt Photography

    These pretty floral hair pins were made especially for my bride Nisha who wanted something subtle just to compliment her hair style ideas for the day. We picked the colours to pick up her bridal dress colour which was highly detailed so they had to be simple. She also ordered some for her bridesmaids so that they could have something to tie in with her dress colour.

    They were very tiny but perfect and highly effective in their hair styles and perfect for what she wanted.
    Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (6)

    Bespoke-bridal hair pins-Nisha (4)

    These images below are from my phone camera.

    Bespoke bridal and occasion hair pins-champagne-nude-pink-Nisha-5

    Bespoke bridal hair pins-Nude Champagne-Nisha-5

    Please get in touch if you would like something along these lines for your day.

  3. Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3.1
    Finally, I have been able to deliver this wonderful bespoke occasion and bridal headpiece for Jane and style her hair for her to make sure the accessory goes well with her hair style for her wedding day after waiting for very long due to covid.

    Jane`s request was something in blue to pick up her delicate sapphire ring earrings and necklace and something that would complement her wedding dress.

    She also wanted a separate occasion hair accessory from our signature collections that she could wear in the evening to go with her evening dress. Blue was one of her favourite colours.

    The bridesmaids were also wearing dresses in shades of blue and the flowers too would have a small speck of blue. So as a whole, blue was theme colour for the day.

    Having listened to all her other requests and visions for her day, I drew out different ideas of what would work with the lace bodice of her dress and then worked around that for the rest. I wanted Jane to also have a variety of choices of ideas to pick from. Blue is one of the most challenging colours to mix as there is a lot of beautiful shades of blue so the choice is very wide. It is very easy to go lose focus due to the variety of available shades of blue. She was spoilt for choice. Eventually, she chose these stunning headpieces. We have the pleasure of sharing these images of her hair style and headpieces.
    Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3 (1)

    Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3 (2)

    Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3 (3)

    Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3 (5)

    Signature blue & pearl floral vine garland-headpiece-Elizabeth-3 (6)
    If you like Jane`s headpieces, we can make something especially different for you. Just get in touch. There are also these headpieces below which we recommend for messy and long hair. Click the images to see their availability in the shop.
    Signature golden brown leaf & pearl floral vine garland -Elizabeth-1.3

    Signature blue leaf & pearl floral vine garland -Elizabeth-2.1

  4. Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN
    Karen`s wedding was at the Matara centre in Tetbury. Karen found me on google and after reading my website decided we would get along okay. Following our emailing each other Karen not only asked me to be her hair stylist for the day but also, at the trial, she asked me to design some hair accessories for her and her bridesmaids. I was excited. I couldn’t wait for the day to come. I made these very simple bridal hair pins for the bride and I have to say that they beautifully complimented the bride`s hair style.
    Lorraine-wedding-hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-UK (4)
    I cracked on designed three options for her bridesmaids and she chose these above.
    They were large bridesmaids` hair pin accessories made to pick up the colour of the bridesmaids` dresses. I am very happy to share with you these wonderful professional images below showing both the hair and accessory results. The images below are by Karen`s wedding photographer Linus who out of kindness has allowed me to use them. I hope you like them.
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-3
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-5
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-7
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-6
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-2.1
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-8
    Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-9

  5. Bridal-Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Gloucestershire-UK-RBK-6-Image by Wil Collins photography

    This August, Rebecca contacted me to book in herself for hair and possibly hair accessories. For her date however, I was already booked for hair styling so I couldn’t really help her on the hair side of things. However, once she had found someone else to do her hair, she contacted me again to find out if she could buy some of my hair accessories for her and for her bridesmaids. The request was on short notice but what she wanted for herself was readily available.
    Carla-A set of 3-small-hair-vines (2)

    For her bridesmaids, she had initially wanted the Carla hair vines or the Flora hair pins(in above images) but they were both sold out at the time.So I made something different for her bridesmaids with a hint of blue,white and rich cream colour theme. Her hair accessory was a bridal hair vine made with large fresh water pearls and mother of pearls and Swarovski crystal beads. See image below.
    Sofia-bridal-hair-vine-uk (1)
    We arranged to meet and she came a long way from Dorset to Cheltenham to meet me for a consultation and collect the hair accessories. They were perfect for her look and she was very pleased with the hair accessories.
    From Rebecca, “Hi Sheena, Sorry for my delayed reply :-).  I can’t say thank you enough for making our truly beautiful accessories, especially with such short notice. You are a very talented lady! Thank you also for taking the time to help me work through some styles. I can’t wait to show our hair off on the big day :-). Many thanks again, Rebecca.”
    I kept in touch with Rebecca most of the time just to make sure she was still happy with her choice of hair accessories. Days later after the wedding, she said, “All our hair accessories looked so beautiful, thank you again for making them. Becca x” She shared these images from her wedding by Wil Collins Photography with me. I love them and I am very pleased to share them with you here. Thanks for the visit!