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Delicate-white-bridal-hair-vine-accessory-UK-20190810_134540 (2)
I made this really pretty hair vine for my bride Nikita recently for her wedding in August in the Cotswolds. Nikita was recommended by Jess who was also my bride previously in 2017. It was a real pleasure to be able to see them both at the trial and design their hair accessories for them to suit their dresses. Here is one for Nikita the bride.
Delicate-white-bridal-hair-vine-accessory-UK-20190711_132734 (2)

Delicate-white-bridal-hair-vine-accessory-UK-20190711_132702 (3)

Her dress was just stunning. The floral pattern of the delicate hair vine suited her dress beautifully. I hope you will like it too as much as we all did. These images are from my camera so their quality is not brilliant. I will see if I can get hold of the professional ones for you but for the time being these will do. Keep checking for updates.

Delicate-white-bridal-hair-vine-accessory-UK-20190810_134540 (4)

Delicate-white-bridal-hair-vine-accessory-UK-20190810_134540 (3)

Jess as the main bridesmaid chose a pink bridesmaid dress. This one below is what i designed for her to compliment her dress colour.
Personalised-handmade-bridal-wedding-&-occasion-headpieces- accessories-UK-

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